How to test static code: Sample with the DateTime-Object

Static Methods are everywhere, especially if the code is from Microsoft. How you work this?

Make an interface with an instance method/member, make a class that implementes the interface an within this instance you can call the static stuff.

Example: The DateTime-object has the member Now, so if you call DateTime.Now, you will get the current time. Unfortunately, can’t test time relevant actions like how long took a print job this way.

First: Declare the interface (VB.NET Code):

   1: Public Interface IClock

   2:     ReadOnly Property Now As DateTime

   3: End Interface


Second: Implement it (C# Code):

   1: public class SystemClock : IClock

   2: {

   3:     public DateTime Now

   4:     {

   5:         get { return DateTime.Now; }

   6:     }

   7: }


With Fake It Easy you can create a mock like this:

   1: A.Fake<IClock>();


Important: Don’t forget to register this in your IoC-Container respectively inject the SystemClock-Object into your object/method that used the DateTime.Now earlier.

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