Castle Windsor – Handy Ruse Part I

Today I want to share some implementations that I use every once in a while:

Scenario 1: You have an assembly that contains all WinForm controls or perhaps ViewModel classes instead. You don’t want to adapt your installer again and again, if you create new controls respectively new ViewModels.

The following snippet shows an Installer that registers all ViewModels in a WPF assembly of mine. Of course I need to decorate my ViewModels with an special interface, in this case IAmViewModel:

   1: public class Installer : IWindsorInstaller

   2: {

   3:     public void Install(IWindsorContainer container, IConfigurationStore store)

   4:     {

   5:         container.Register(Components().ToArray());

   6:     }


   8:     private static IEnumerable<IRegistration> Components()

   9:     {

  10:         yield return Classes.FromThisAssembly()

  11:             .BasedOn<IAmViewModel>()

  12:             .WithServiceSelf()

  13:             .LifestyleTransient();

  14:     }

  15: }

You can afford the same for WinForms. You don’t even have to create an interface:

   1: private static IEnumerable<IRegistration> Components()

   2: {

   3:     yield return Classes.FromThisAssembly()

   4:         .BasedOn<Form>()

   5:         .WithServiceSelf()

   6:         .LifestyleTransient();

   7: }


In some little (!) cases it can be useful to inject the container itself into an object. For that reason you can register the container in itself:

   1: Container.Register(

   2:     Component.For<IWindsorContainer>().Instance(Container)

   3: );


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